Scott Kveton  Co-founder & CEO

Scott Kveton
Co-founder & CEO

  Steven Osborn  Co-founder & CTO

Steven Osborn
Co-founder & CTO

The Odava team is made of technology-industry veterans with more than 35 years of experience; experience building Internet-scale infrastructure. They’ve raised over $65MM in capital to grow previous businesses and have extensive experience building market-leading technology that pioneers and defines new industries. The founding team includes 2 co-founders from Urban Airship, and one of Urban Airship’s first 5 hires.

Odava has built an enterprise-level platform from which they’ll expand into all aspects of cannabis software. As the industry matures, Odava is well positioned to lead the charge for all of the hurdles cannabis businesses face. They are beginning in Oregon, their home turf, as their proving grounds while more states legalize cannabis and the market expands.