Odava Acquired by MassRoots

We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Odava by MassRoots. MassRoots is one of the largest technology platforms for the regulated cannabis industry. The company's Apple iOS and Android mobile apps enable consumers to provide community-driven reviews of cannabis strains and products, enabling consumers to make educated cannabis purchasing decisions. 

"This acquisition expands MassRoots' offerings to dispensaries to include point-of-sale and regulatory compliance software, consolidating the most important operations for cannabis businesses into one central platform," stated MassRoots CEO Mr. Isaac Dietrich. "We expect with MassRoots' resources and relationships, we can grow the number of dispensaries utilizing Odava from dozens to hundreds by early next year. In the near future, we believe a significant percentage of all transactions occurring in the regulated cannabis industry will occur on our platform.”

We here at Odava have spent the last 2 years building our POS, inventory tracking and compliance solution and we’re excited about the possibilities integrating with MassRoots social platform and what this is going to mean for the growing cannabis market.

2016 Election, New States and Pricing

Its been a busy time here at Odava over the last few months and we thought we’d give you an update.

2016 Election

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that the election was a rousing success for marijuana. 6 of the 7 ballot initiatives nationally passed including the key recreational state of California and medical state Florida (with a whopping 72% voting yes). It seems as if we have hit a tipping point with respect to legalization.

The elephant in the room is who will be the next Attorney General appointed by President-elect Trump and will that person enforce Federal law when it comes to marijuana. That we just don’t know but its hard to believe that the horse isn’t out of the barn. Only time will tell.

New States

We are excited to announce that we’re now available for use in Alaska with Colorado just around the corner. This is more than just POS and inventory tracking. This is a complete integration with the state compliance system Metrc that allows you to focus on your business and not on the complexity of staying compliant. Not only that, we already work in states like Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine and will integrate the state compliance needs as they become available.


This industry has been interesting to follow. Looking at the landscape most software solutions tend to require you to talk with sales, engage in long-term contracts, commit to monthly minimums, and/or nickel and dime people with up-charges on every aspect of your business whether a producer or retailer. Well, today that is no longer.

We are pleased to publicly announce our pricing model of $0.10/transaction with 250 free transactions per month. You can signup and get started today downloading our POS app from the iOS app store and logging into our web-based dashboard. You have to be transparent in your business, we wanted to do the same with ours.

That said, we understand completely that some organizations have specific needs or requirements at scale and because of that, we are happy to talk about special pricing that makes the most sense for your business. Contact sales@odava.com if you’d like to speak with someone about scale pricing.

Odava July 2016 Update - Retail, Grow, Compliance and More

We’ve had a busy few months here at Odava and we are excited about the progress of Odava Retail and the traction we’re seeing with customers.


Our biggest focus on Odava Retail recently has been refining inventory management and general reporting, both compliance and accounting. The more time we spend with our customers and showing them the product the more excited they get. We are also very excited to be offering a means to migrate from MJ Freeway or BioTrack as part of our signup for new customers. This allows potential customers to try-before-buy and see what their existing data will look like in the Odava platform.

We’re also going to be launching our menu systems later this quarter that allow a web-based and in-store menu that automatically pulls from your inventory. With some basic customization, we can even brand your menus so that you get to tell your story and better communicate with the consumers looking to visit your shops or buy your products.


Odava Grow continues to come along and we’re targeting a Fall release date. While we won’t be offering a complete grow management solution (i.e. no fertilization tracking, etc) we will have the means to track your plants for Oregon’s seed-to-sale tracking system Metrc. In addition, we have built hooks into Odava Retail that allow for ease of transfer of product to retailers as well as general inventory monitoring with the permission of those retailers so you can better understand the needs of the retailers you are providing product to. If you’re interested in learning more about Odava Grow, please get in touch and we’ll sign you up for the beta program to get early access.

Compliance in Oregon

The rules continue to change across the board for reporting in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority announced several new reports that are now due on 7/31/2016 but will be due for the previous month moving forward by at least the 10th of the following month. These are non-trivial reports for tracking product in and out to medical marijuana patients and most existing systems do not support these as of yet. 

In addition to the OHA medical marijuana reports, recreational retailers also have to provide a listing of birthdates to the OHA on a quarterly basis. Also, the Department of Revenue (DOR) requires a proof of tax payments per store as well. The OLCC will also require several reports although those are as of yet defined.

One of the keys for us at Odava is to deliver these types of reports quickly and effortlessly with our platform. In our web dashboard that is available from any computer you will be able to get a listing of each of the reports that are required, generate them and see what is due when so that you remain in compliance.

Marijuana News

Polling Shows Strong Support for Marijuana Legalization Nationally in 2016 - The opportunity nationally for marijuana continues to grow at a break neck speed and we’re hoping to capitalize on that - https://massroots.com/blog/polling-shows-strong-support-for-marijuana-legalization-in-2016

Legal US Marijuana Market Will Grow to $7.1B in 2016 - It seems like every report on market size is eclipsed by the next and fortunately its all based on actual data - http://www.forbes.com/sites/katiesola/2016/04/19/legal-u-s-marijuana-market-will-grow-to-7-1-billion-in-2016-report/

Overview: States Voting on Recreational Marijuana Laws in 2016 - More about the drive to legalization for recreational marijuana. We’re convinced that things get really, really interesting should California or Florida fall in this election - https://massroots.com/blog/overview-states-voting-on-recreational-marijuana-laws-in-2016


We’re excited to be part of the announcement by the OLCC that the Odava suite of products is now certified to work with their Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) Metrc. All licensees in Oregon are required to use this system to track their products. Certification enables us to continue to expand the use of our suite of software across retailers, growers, processors and wholesalers throughout the State.

Our products allow OLCC recreational marijuana licensees to electronically transmit inventory and sales data into the CTS, a time-saving step that eliminates the need for additional updating by manual data entry.

Odava has built solutions for retailers, producers, processors, wholesalers and labs with a suite of software geared to reduce human error, increase productivity and stay compliant all while increasing the bottom line. Our flagship product, Odava Retail, is now live in several dispensaries and retail shops across Oregon helping manage point-of-sale, inventory tracking and now compliance for our customers.

Last year the OLCC chose Metrc to provide the seed-to-sale tracking solution for compliance. One of the requirements of that system was to enable an application program interface (API) that allows other software solutions to enable compliance without duplication of effort for our customers. When using Odava Retail at your retail shop or Odava Grow at your production facility we directly interface with the Metrc seed-to-sale system on your behalf enabling you to eliminate the need to login and replicate the same data in the Metrc system.

Odava is proud to be an Oregon-based company and a member of the Oregon Cannabis Association along with having an experienced technology team building these solutions for our fast growing market. While we’re focused on Oregon right now we’ll be expanding to other States later this year.

We are also happy to announce the closing of our seed investment that was completed last week. This investment allows us to continue our growth, advance our product and generally go after more of the market. We have a broad vision for how to enable this market and connect consumers with the next big brands in marijuana and this round is one more step in helping meet the needs of our customers.

About Odava

Odava is a Portland, OR based software company building solutions for the entire cannabis industry. Our executive team has 30+ years of experience and boasts 2 of the co-founders of Urban Airship, the leading provider of mobile marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Odava provides solutions for retailers, producers, processors, wholesalers and labs with a suite of software geared to reduce human error, increase productivity and stay compliant all while increasing the bottom line. For more information, feel free to contact us at info@odava.com.

New Oregon Health Authority rules rolling out for OMMP

The Oregon Health Authority recently released guidelines on data they will start collecting as of July 10th, 2016 starting with data from June 1st, 2016. This is going to have a big impact on OMMP growers, caregivers and patients.

You can read the detailed guidelines (as of June 2nd, 2016) as well as the informational bulletin from May 16th, 2016. This reporting is mandatory and there will be penalties if not followed.

There is a lot to think about here and I’m going to try to do my best to help folks understand the requirements. The biggest thing is that as part of the last legislative session, the OHA was asked to start tracking product in the OMMP system. So far this has been pretty easy to do because the system was designed not to worry about weights and measures but more about plant counts and plant growth states.

The new system, which is tied to the existing OMMP site, requires you to report on product that is available for use as of the end of the month. So, by July 10th, 2016 you’ll be required to enter the total amounts of product you have available for use by patients. If you just harvested and are drying a plant, you weigh the entire plant. Any product that is curing, you take the entire amount that is curing.

 June 6th, 2016 - OHA - OMMP reporting training class

June 6th, 2016 - OHA - OMMP reporting training class

I attended a training session this past Monday and it was a packed house. There were so many questions about how it affects specific use cases and I could sense that people were not very happy with these changes. However, I think this was inevitable given the roll-out of the OLCC’s Metrc seed-to-sale system. While the OLCC and OHA are managing different parts of the marijuana market, one thing is very clear; people are going to have to deal with a much higher-level of reporting to stay in the game.

Reporting for growers and processors is relatively simple as you’ll be entering into the system what you have available. Dispensaries are another issue since you’ll have to report the exact amounts of products bought by patients in aggregate for the month. If you’re a busy dispensary, this could be a nightmare having to enter transaction rollups for several thousand customers. Fortunately, the OHA just changed the requirement to simply deliver an excel spreadsheet with that data in there. You’ll see something like customer name, their OMMP number, amount of flower, amount of extract, etc in this spreadsheet. You can generate the report, crank out the spreadsheet and submit it to the OHA via the OMMP website.

We at Odava have integrated this report directly into our solution so you can simply use our dashboard to generate the spreadsheet and then upload. It is another step and we can’t automatically post it to the OMMP site just yet but hopefully we’ll get there. As an added service, we’re happy to help you generate a report in MJ Freeway or BioTrackTHC and then convert that into the spreadsheet format that the OHA requires. Contact us at info@odava.com for more information.