Its been a busy time here at Odava over the last few months and we thought we’d give you an update.

2016 Election

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that the election was a rousing success for marijuana. 6 of the 7 ballot initiatives nationally passed including the key recreational state of California and medical state Florida (with a whopping 72% voting yes). It seems as if we have hit a tipping point with respect to legalization.

The elephant in the room is who will be the next Attorney General appointed by President-elect Trump and will that person enforce Federal law when it comes to marijuana. That we just don’t know but its hard to believe that the horse isn’t out of the barn. Only time will tell.

New States

We are excited to announce that we’re now available for use in Alaska with Colorado just around the corner. This is more than just POS and inventory tracking. This is a complete integration with the state compliance system Metrc that allows you to focus on your business and not on the complexity of staying compliant. Not only that, we already work in states like Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine and will integrate the state compliance needs as they become available.


This industry has been interesting to follow. Looking at the landscape most software solutions tend to require you to talk with sales, engage in long-term contracts, commit to monthly minimums, and/or nickel and dime people with up-charges on every aspect of your business whether a producer or retailer. Well, today that is no longer.

We are pleased to publicly announce our pricing model of $0.10/transaction with 250 free transactions per month. You can signup and get started today downloading our POS app from the iOS app store and logging into our web-based dashboard. You have to be transparent in your business, we wanted to do the same with ours.

That said, we understand completely that some organizations have specific needs or requirements at scale and because of that, we are happy to talk about special pricing that makes the most sense for your business. Contact if you’d like to speak with someone about scale pricing.