We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Odava by MassRoots. MassRoots is one of the largest technology platforms for the regulated cannabis industry. The company's Apple iOS and Android mobile apps enable consumers to provide community-driven reviews of cannabis strains and products, enabling consumers to make educated cannabis purchasing decisions. 

"This acquisition expands MassRoots' offerings to dispensaries to include point-of-sale and regulatory compliance software, consolidating the most important operations for cannabis businesses into one central platform," stated MassRoots CEO Mr. Isaac Dietrich. "We expect with MassRoots' resources and relationships, we can grow the number of dispensaries utilizing Odava from dozens to hundreds by early next year. In the near future, we believe a significant percentage of all transactions occurring in the regulated cannabis industry will occur on our platform.”

We here at Odava have spent the last 2 years building our POS, inventory tracking and compliance solution and we’re excited about the possibilities integrating with MassRoots social platform and what this is going to mean for the growing cannabis market.