Why use RETAIL? 


EASY TO USE inventory & POS

We provide you with a complete state-of-the-art POS system that allows you to handle transactions via cash or debit. The easy-to-use system is supported 24/7 by our dedicated customer success team making sure you’re never down. 

Fully Compliant

RETAIL makes sure you stay compliant with your State’s current recreational and medical marijuana laws (currently supporting Oregon, Alaska and Colorado and more states coming soon). We take the worry out of making sure to pay your taxes and doing the regularly scheduled reporting required by your State. If your state doesn't have reporting requirements you can use our solution out-of-the-box.


REGISTER stream-lines everything in your dispensary from ordering to transactions to cash mitigation allowing you to focus on making sure your store is running smoothly. And that’s just the start. 




  • Built from the ground up for the cannabis industry
  • Register mode on our provided iPad kiosk
  • Menu display widgets for LCDs in the store and integration with your website
  • Online menu and ordering
  • Complete compliance workflow with BioTrackTHC and Franwell Metrc integration
  • Off-line support, so even if your Internet goes down you can still keep taking orders




Retail Checkout

Retail Customer Receipt

Retail Checkout

Retail Reports

Retail Customer Profile

Retail Settings



Dashboard Stock

Dashboard Report

Dashboard Products

Dashboard Closing

Dashboard Location



One of our core values is complete customer success. With a dedicated customer success team, you will have access to 24/7 support 365 days a year.


Odava was founded by two technology industry veterans with over 30+ years of experience. The founding team has started, built and exited several high-profile companies and they are bringing their expertise to the cannabis industry. A great team, building a great product for the fastest growing industry in the US.